Protecting Lives. Preventing Costs.

The HanGenix™ Hand Hygiene Compliance System captures 24/7, critical clinician-specific hand hygiene data. These insights provide the Infection Prevention team, as well as hospital administration, the information they need to accurately and precisely measure individual hand hygiene compliance, in order to:

  • Establish baselines and track continuous improvement
  • Facilitate immediate feedback to correct non-compliance
  • Recognize and reward hand hygiene compliance

Unit Level Hand Hygiene Compliance

Unit Level

Identifies which of your hospital Units are achieving hand hygiene compliance requirements. Drilling down on any Unit will display individual hand hygiene compliance rates.

Group Level Hand Hygiene Compliance

Group Level

Identify HCW groups that require additional hand hygiene compliance training. Scrolling over bubbles will identify individual performance regarding hand hygiene compliance.

Individual Level Hand Hygiene Compliance

Individual Level

Provides individual details regarding hand hygiene compliance performance.