Protecting Lives. Preventing Costs.

The HanGenix™ Hand Hygiene Compliance System is an easy-to-install, ultrasound-based technology, which creates Patient Protection Zones. The system measures and documents hand hygiene compliance prior to and immediately following patient contact, and provides visibility into compliance ‘Behind the Door’ – not just ‘at the door’ – thus reinforcing the W.H.O. My 5 Moments Guidelines and optimizing adherence.

  • The system creates an ultrasound-based Patient Protection Zone around each patient, and then documents anyone wearing a badge who enters the Patient Protection Zone
  • Every healthcare worker wears a wireless ID tag, which records all hand hygiene events and provides audible beeps if a healthcare worker enters or exits a Patient Protection Zone without performing hand hygiene
  • The system encourages immediate hand washing to remain compliant, and can be customized to address facility-specific protocols
  • The system features a sensor at all hand hygiene dispensers (soap, alcohol, etc.) and records usage of these hand hygiene materials by anyone wearing a wireless ID tag
  • All data recorded by the system is transmitted wirelessly to the “cloud” for real-time analysis and feedback