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for hand hygiene compliance
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HanGenix™ Puts You “In The Zone” For Hand Hygiene Compliance

The HanGenix Compliance Assurance System creates Patient Protection Zones, which enable the system to measure and document hand hygiene compliance ‘prior’ to and ‘immediately following’ patient contact. Moving compliance monitoring from
the “at the door” of competitive systems to “Behind The Door” for HanGenix™.  The HanGenix™ Compliance Assurance System enables the effective facilitation of W.H.O. guidelines.


Compliance Assurance Data – Turning Insights Into Action

What sets the HanGenix™ Compliance Assurance System Apart is its ability to capture, 24/7, critical, clinical-specific hand hygiene data within the Patient Protection Zone.


The HanGenix™ Compliance Assurance System Has Been Validated By A Peer Reviewed Published Clinical Study

The National University Hospital in Singapore published a clinical study in the Journal of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology validating the accuracy of the HanGenix™ Compliance Assurance System.

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Experience the Power of HanGenix™ for Yourself

We encourage you to request more information about conducting a trial of the HanGenix™ technology in your healthcare facility.

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An easy read executive overview of the HanGenix™ Compliance Assurance System.

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What Clinicians Are Saying About The HanGenix Compliance Assurance System.

A transformative technology that is improving clinical outcomes, helping us meet, even exceed the highest standards of care, and helping us lower healthcare costs associated with hospital acquired infections. It is the answer we have been looking for.